About us

Caswell Health Care is a privately owned, family business operating out of two purpose built sites in Chatswood and Five Dock.  We love what we do and pride ourselves on our values based and family friendly approach. 

# weCARE


We recognise we are part of a team including your family, support network, other therapists and many people who help and influence your life. We Collaborate with everyone in your life to help achieve your goals.  


You depend on us to achieve your therapy goals. We will deliver on our promises to the best of our ability, do what we say and accept responsibility for our mistakes. We ask that you remain accountable for your obligations.  

Respect & Integrity

Respect and Integrity form the heart of all our values. We will always treat you well, with best intentions, honesty and tolerance and we will require the same of you.   


We strive for excellence in everything we do and pride ourselves in our 20+ year history.  We recognise that Excellence may vary from day to day and is an outcome over time.