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A Family Centric Approach To Your Therapy

At Child First Therapy we treat with a family and child centred approach that enables us to provide the best care for your child and your family.  We do this through collaborative goal setting with families incorporating a play and participation-based approach and using evidence-based therapy techniques. 

Paediatric Physiotherapy

  • Our paediatric Physiotherapists are specialised in childhood development and movement. 

  • We provide assessment and early intervention for children of all ages with a variety of presentations and conditions including musculoskeletal, neurological, and other motor or movement related conditions. 

  • Our therapies are targeted to support children to develop their gross motor skills in a functional and individualised way. 

  • We work on all skills from sitting and crawling, through to higher mobility such as running, jumping, and high level ball skills. 

Paediatric Occupational Therapy 

  • Our paediatric Occupational Therapists are specialised in childhood development and the occupation of being a child; developing play, self-care, and literacy skills. 

  • We provide assessment and early intervention for children of all ages with a variety of presentations and conditions including developmental, neurological, and other neurodiverse conditions that affect a child’s daily life skills.

  • Our play and function based therapy supports children to develop skills at all levels and ages from building play and social skills to handwriting to independent dressing and feeding skills. 


Services and Programs we offer.

In addition to our routine or regular therapy and care that we provide we also offer the following programs:


If you are concerned or unsure about whether your child is hitting their developmental milestones, we encourage you to contact our team. Our team is trained to assess children's movement and development from as young as 6 weeks, so it is never too early (or too late).

Our clinical manager would be happy to provide a short 15 minute phone consult to discuss whether there is need to book an assessment.

During the in clinic assessment your therapist will use a variety of tools to assess your child's progress. In addition the therapist will offer strategies for you to use at home to help support your child's development. The therapist will also discuss whether ongoing therapy is required. 


Intensive style therapy is widely used in paediatric therapy, with current evidence suggesting that children benefit from increased therapy with therapist guided facilitation and feedback. Further research has shown that the gains made in intensive therapy are maintained during breaks from therapy or during transitions back to regular, less frequent therapy.

Children from 0-18 are eligible for our intensive therapy program and we encourage speaking with your therapist to determine whether this program is right for your child.

To enquire about this program or to submit an expression of interest please contact our admin team 


Most commonly our buddy or group therapy sessions are run during our school holiday programs. These can be a great way to work on functional skills while also working on social skills, it also can make therapy more fun to have a friend to work with! 

Buddy sessions can be arranged on discussion with your therapist, so if you are interested in a buddy session for child please speak with your therapist and/ or our admin team.

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